Torrents & Filesharing

BitTorrent is still the best mainstream filesharing technology when it comes to download speed and availability of content. These guides will help you get started with torrents and peer-to-peer filesharing.

Most importantly, you’ll find in-depth guides on torrent privacy, including how to protect your identity and location when using public protocols like BitTorrent where anyone can view your  activity and tracked download history. 

Top Tips

  1. Use a VPN for torrenting. It’s the best tool to make sure your torrent activity stays private. 
  2. Use a Kill-switch: Enable the kill-switch in your VPN software to make sure your real IP address doesn’t leak to torrent peers if the VPN disconnects.
  3. Check your setup: You’ll want to check your public bittorrent IP address and make sure it isn’t your real IP. 

Featured Guides

A quality, logless VPN service is the first step to safer, private torrenting. We vetted dozens of VPNs based on their logging policy, attitude toward filesharing, and overall performance. Read this guide, get yourself a high-quality VPN and level-up your torrenting. 

Best VPN for Torrenting
Best VPN

The Best VPNs for Torrents (2021)

We’ve individually tested and vetted more than 20 VPN providers to find the best torrent-friendly VPNs. These are our favorites.

Torrent VPN Setup Guides

Once you’ve chosen a VPN provider, the next step is to set it up on all your devices, configure your torrent client’s optimal settings, and test your setup to make sure everything is working. 

Other BitTorrent Privacy Tools

A VPN isn’t your only option, though it is the best for most users. The other most common tool is a SOCKS proxy, which anonymizes your public IP address without adding strong encryption you get from a VPN. 

Advantages of a SOCKS proxy include: one-time setup, and slightly faster speeds. On the downside, they don’t always load magnet links properly and some torrent clients don’t handle proxied peer connections securely. 

These guides will help you decide which tool is best for you, and help you set everything up:

Other BitTorrent Articles

Here you’ll find the rest of our BitTorrent tutorials. This includes things like setup guides for torrent clients, as well as detailed privacy guides for specific VPNs.