How to Watch USA Network Outside the USA

USA Network is one of the most popular capable channels thanks the WWE and hit shows like Colony, Burn Notice, Suits and Mr. Robot. It’s also got an excellent streaming app, which works with Chromecast, FireTV, Roku and Mobile Devices.

But USA’s streaming service is geo-locked to the United States. Fortunately, it’s you can still stream USA Network outside the US, with a little help from technology. Specifically, a streaming VPN.

What you'll need:
  1. A TV/Streaming bundle that includes USA Network
  2. A streaming-ready VPN. We recommend NordVPN

How to Watch USA Network Outside the US

It’s easy to stream from anywhere in the world via the USA Network apps or directly in your browser on a PC. Just follow these simple steps:


  1. Subscribe to one of the VPNs recommended below. NordVPN & Private Internet Access are best value
  2. Download the free app for you VPN service, and log-in with your credentials
  3. Connect to an uncrowded server in the U.S. using a fast protocol like OpenVPN or Wireguard.
  4. Stream your favorite shows from the USA Network app or

About USA Network

USA Network is owned by NBC Universal, a subsidiary of Comcast (the cable & internet provider). The network is just over 90 million households in the U.S. But it’s more than just a cable service, and can be streamed completely online with the USA app, available for most platforms including Apple/ioS, Windows, Android, Roku and FireTV.

It’s one of the most-viewed cable networks thanks to their content library of original series and hit movies. They’re also the home for WWE wrestling on cable.

Why USA Network is blocked outside the U.S.

Due to licensing restrictions, USA network’s streaming app is geo-locked to the United States. Our analysis suggests this is a combination of DNS & IP-based blocking (services like Maxmind can geo-locate you based on your IP address).

Fortunately, these restrictions are easy to circumvent. With a VPN, you can connect to the app through a server in the United States. This American IP-address can pass the location checks and give you full access to USA’s streaming library.

How does a VPN unblock USA Network?

The geolocation technology used by USA is primarily based on your IP-address and DNS servers. VPN services like NordVPN have thousands of IP addresses in countries all over the world, letting you unblock the apps and channels in those countries.

Most VPNs also have their own private DNS servers, which prevent geo-blocking technology from tracing your location (which they may be able to do if you use 3rd-party DNS like GoogleDNS). Beyond the obvious streaming benefits, a Virtual Private Network will also secure your data in-transit and help you browse and stream anonymously.

Best VPNs to watch USA Network

Choosing the right VPN is more science than art. It’s pretty simple if you follow some common-sense rules:

  1. Stick with well-known (popular) services
  2. Reputation and performance is more important than price
  3. Ultra-cheap VPNs tend to be slow (more buffering)

Fortunately, there are a number of high-quality services in the $4-10/month range, and all of them were able to stream from in our testing.

A note about pricing: VPN services tend to offer one price for month-to-month plans, and a big discount if you pay upfront for a longer subscription. Most of our recommended services have generous refund policies, so you can feel safe forking out a year’s subscription in advance to save 50% (or more) on the monthly price.

1. NordVPN (best overall)


NordVPN is one of the best all-around VPNs in the world, and it especially excels for streaming. Their app is compatible with more than 50 global streaming channels, including USA Network (and other NBC Universal apps like Peacock).

Key Features:

  • 4k-capable
  • 50+ streaming services
  • Zero-Log
  • 10,000+ IP adresses
  • FireTV App
  • Platforms:

And that’s just the beginning. Since their founding, Nord has been among the most innovative VPNs, and was one of the first to integrate the new, faster WireGuard protocol, an ultra-lightweight VPN protocol that’s perfect for streaming.

The result? 4k-ready streaming speeds and less buffering.

2. Private Internet Access (best value)

Private Internet Access is the #2 VPN to watch USA Network

Private Internet Access has been one of our favorite VPNs for nearly a decade, and their service has remained affordable despite their success. While the 1-month subscription is priced at the industry average ($10/month) there is a significant discount for long term plans.

As of publication, the current best deal is: $2.69/month

And don’t think this is some budget VPN. PIA is packed with features, including a true zero-log policy, split tunneling, a stealth protocol, Wireguard, kill-switch, and full Netflix support. And that’s built on top of a highly secure network that uses industry best-practices for security and encryption.

And for the privacy-conscious, PIA has proven their non-logging guarantee in court. Twice.

3. ExpressVPN (Best Performance & Features)


ExpressVPN has built their brand to be known for two things. Great features, and fantastic support. Though the service is more expensive than most competitors, their subscribers consider ExpressVPN well-worth the extra cost.

ExpressVPN has several features that set them apart from the competition, including a dedicated FireTV/Firestick app, built-in SmartDNS technology (perfect for streaming on SmartTVs) , and a custom ExpressVPN app that can be installed on compatible routers.

ExpressVPNs Media-Streamer technology is a full-fledged SmartDNS built into their service. It lets you unblock dozens of popular streaming channels, including USA network, even on devices that can’t run VPN apps directly.

Express’s download speeds were also excellent in our testing, and tech support is far more responsive and accessible than with cheaper services. They can even help with advanced network configurations and router setup.

In fact the only reason ExpressVPN doesn’t rank higher is their price point. With unlimited plans ranging fomr $8.32 all the way up to $12.99/month, it’s substantially more expensive than the industry average.

It’s certainly worth it if performance & support are your top criteria when choosing a VPN. And their refund policy is a full 30-days. So you can try ExpressVPN risk-free and judge for yourself whether it’s worth the cost.

How to setup your streaming devices

Your exact setup will depend on the type of device you plan to stream USA network on. Not all streaming sticks support VPN apps, and only a handful of SmartTV models do. So you’ll either want to stream on a vpn-ready device, install a VPN on your router, or use a VPN that includes SmartDNS service (NordVPN or Express).

Mobile Devices (iOS/Android)


  1. Install the VPN app
  2. Login with your username/password
  3. Connect to a US-based server location
  4. Open the USA Network app and stream

Install the VPN app included with your service. They’re all available directly from the official app store (just use your subscription credentials to login). Than all you have to do is choose any server location the United States. If your VPN has special streaming-optimized servers, choose one of those. Then you’re ready to watch your favorite shows!

Computer (Window, Mac, Linux)


  • Install the VPN app
  • Login with your username/password
  • Connect to a US-based server location
  • Open the USA Network app and stream

Streaming Sticks (FireTV, Chromecast, Roku, AppleTV)

Not all streaming boxes can run VPN apps, so your setup method depends on your device.

  • FireTV: FireTV devices (and FireSticks) can all run VPN apps natively (it’s based on Android). Simply install the VPN app from the Fire app store, login, connect to a server and stream.
  • Chromecast: The most recent Chromecast GoogleTV can run VPN apps directly. Follow the same steps as you would for your smartphone. All other models require an alternate method (see below).
  • AppleTV: AppleTV devices don’t support VPN apps. Use one of the alternate methods below.
  • Roku: Roku devices don’t support VPN apps. Use an alternate method (see below).

Alternate Methods (devices that don’t support VPN)

There are two ways to unblock USA Network from streaming devices without using a VPN.

  1. Use SmartDNS (recommended)
  2. Share a VPN connection from another device (like your router)

1. Stream USA Network with SmartDNS

SmartDNS is a premium DNS technology that recognizes when you’re trying to stream from a popular app, and proxies the initial connection to bypass the geo-location checks. It doesn’t require a special app, and doesn’t reduce your speeds at all.

This technology is included free with every NordVPN or ExpressVPN subscription.

Setup Instructions:

  1. Change your router’s DNS servers to your VPNs SmartDNS servers
  2. Whitelist your IP address in your SmartDNS account panel
  3. Connect your streaming device to that same wifi network
  4. Stream!

2. Connect to a VPN-enabled router

Many mid to high-end routers are now capable of connecting directly to a VPN server, especially ASUS routers. Then any device connected to that router (like a Roku or Chromecast) gets full access to the VPN tunnel, even if it can’t support VPN connections itself.


  1. Buy a VPN-capable router (we like the Asus AX68U)
  2. Setup an OpenVPN connection on the router (here’s how for Asus routers)
  3. Connect your streaming device to that Wifi network
  4. Stream!

Streaming Bundles that Include USA Network

Unlike standalone services like Netflix and HBOMax, you can’t buy an all-access pass to USA Network through their mobile app. Instead you need to have a capable package or streaming bundle that includes USA.

Fortunately, pretty much every Over-The-Top streaming service includes the channel, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Summary: Watching USA Network Abroad

If you’ve followed the steps in this guide, you should have no trouble streaming USA network from anywhere in the word, to all your favorite devices.

All you need is:

  1. A TV package that includes USA
  2. A streaming-ready VPN service (like NordVPN)
  3. A device that supports VPN apps or SmartDNS

The VPN app handles all the magic, you just need to connect to a US-based server location. It should automatically pass the geo-location checks and allow you to stream instantly.

One final troubleshooting tip: if you still get a ‘content blocked in your region’ notice, try disabling GPS/Location services on your SmartPhone or other device.

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