Grease (1978)
Grease 1978
Grease 1978
Yes! It's on Netflix
Grease is available on Netflix in 3 countries.

Is Grease on Netflix? [2023]

Grease (1978) is one of the greatest and most beloved musicals in the history of Cinema.

It tells the story of good girl Sandy Olsson (Olivia Newton-John) who falls for bad-boy Greaser Danny Zuko (John Travolta).

Despite its age, this film has held up remarkably well through the decades, and is still considered a must-watch at least once a year for true fans.

And while you can buy or rent Grease from multiple streaming apps, it’s also available to stream free on Netflix in specific countries.

Is Grease on Netflix?

Yes! Currently grease is available in 3 countries, Australia, Czechia, and Poland.

Grease was added to these country’s catalogs in September 2022, so hopefully it’ll be sticking around for a while.

How can I watch Grease on Netflix (if it’s not in my country)

Grease streaming on Netflix not in my country

If you don’t live in any of the countries where Grease is currently streaming, it’s still accessible. You simply have to change your Netflix Region to access the catalog from a different country.

The best way to do this is by using a VPN with built-in SmartDNS technology. These VPNs can automatically geo-locate your Netflix subscription simply by switching VPN server.

VPNs work best on Computers, Smartphones & Tablets but can also run on certain streaming sticks and even SmartTV’s.

Steps to watch Grease with a VPN

Follow these simple steps to stream Grease on Netflix using a VPN:

  1. Choose a Netflix-ready VPN
  2. Install the VPN app on your streaming device (or router)
  3. Connect to a server location where Grease is available (e.g. Australia)
  4. Open Netflix & stream

It really is that easy. And in case you’re worried it may not work, all of the VPNs mentioned below have easy refund policies for the first 14 days (or longer).

1. Choose a VPN

Not all VPNs work with Netflix, as the streaming service has actively tried to block VPN services from working. Fortunately, there are still a few with stable, reliable access.

Any of these VPNs will work but the best choice is NordVPN, which offers the best selection of server locations at an affordable price.


NordVPN is a fast, non-logging VPN based out of Panama. It was one of the first to make Netflix streaming a priority and can unblock regional Netflix libraries in more than 10 countries.

NordVPN also includes optional SmartDNS service which can be easily configured on devices like your SmartTV which doesn’t support VPN apps directly.

  • Access global Netflix catalogs
  • Fast enough speeds for 4k streaming
  • No Logs or personal data tracking
  • Priced under $4/yr (with long-term subscription)

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access VPN firewall

Private Internet Access has servers in more than 40 countries and one of the best software apps of any provider we’ve tested. Netflix works seamlessly from almost every server location and there’s included SmartDNS service if you need it.

It’s also the most lowest-price VPN on this list which makes it a tremendous bargain. Read our PIA Review.

  • Access global Netflix catalogs
  • Full HD streaming and 4k in some locations
  • No Logs or personal data tracking
  • Included SmartDNS
  • Starts under $3.50/month

2. Install the VPN on your Device


If you’re using a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone, then setup is incredibly easy. Just download the software directly from your VPN provider (or official mobile app store) and log in.

Streaming Sticks

VPN setup for streaming sticks can be a bit trickier, but several support VPN apps directly. For example, Firestick (v2 and later) and Chromecast GoogleTV both support VPN apps downloaded from their respective app store or sideloaded.

Other devices like Roku and AppleTV do not support VPN apps. However you still have a couple options:

  1. Use SmartDNS (can be configured directly on your device or wifi router)
  2. Install the VPN on your router


SmartTVs that run GoogleTV or AndroidTV can install VPN apps from the official Google Play store. Other SmartTVs (e.g. Samsung) can use one of the alternative methods above such as installing the VPN on your compatible router.

However the best option is to buy a cheap streaming stick with VPN support, like the Firestick 4k.

3. Connect to a VPN Server (unblock Netflix)

Next up, you simply need to log into your VPN software and connect to a region where Grease is streaming (like Poland).

It’s literally a single click.

4. Watch the Movie

Once connected, log into Netflix and search for Grease, or you can stream it directly using the catalog link above (top of the page).

If everything is working properly, the movie should stream without issue. And don’t forget, there are several subtitle languages available, including English in most regions.


Yes. As of November 2022, Grease is streaming in Poland, Australia and the Czech Republic.

If you’re outside the regions where Grease is currently available, yes you need a VPN to access movies and shows from that region.

You could try, but you probably won’t have much luck. Here’s why:

  1. Most free VPNs aren’t even compatible with Netflix (they’re blocked)
  2. Free VPNs are either too slow to stream in HD or have data caps that you’ll hit quickly
  3. Free VPNs tend to have fewer server locations so it’s less likely you’ll find one in the country that you need to access.

If you’re determined to try a free VPN, we recommend

No. SmartDNS doesn’t encrypt your traffic like a VPN does. All it does is unblock one region for Netflix and other streaming services (usually the USA). The reason people choose SmartDNS over a VPN is because you can use it with almost any internet-connected device.

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